In addition to our three core projects (Environmental Sustainability, Youth Advocacy and Communications and Youth Entrepreneurship), we are excited to have the Video Documentary Project this summer! Learn more about each project for the upcoming summer of 2018 below:


Environmental Sustainability Project


Interns of the Environmental Sustainability Project will continue the compost and waste management systems on the CEED compound and train incoming interns and staff on how to properly dispose of waste on the compound. They will also be monitoring and evaluating tree seedlings that were collected at the Gulu Go Green Marathon- which in 2017, over 30,000 trees were pledged!

This year, interns will follow up with schools that previous interns of the Sustainability Project worked with and check in on how students are managing and reducing waste at their schools.


Youth Advocacy and Communications Project


Youth Advocacy and Communications interns will continue to work collaboratively with Radio Rupiny 95.7 FM to deliver a monthly radio show, hosting a young achiever from Gulu.

Interns from last summer received positive feedback from past achievers, asking CEED to hold the radio show twice a month, instead of just one. We are continuing our efforts in holding a second monthly radio show.


Youth Entrepreneurship Project


Youth Entrepreneurship Interns will be holding a business training, competition and showcase similar to those held last year by our 2017 interns. Business entrepreneurs throughout Gulu will be invited to submit their applications and if chosen, will attend training workshops and participate in a showcase, where they will share their business ideas. Teams that are chosen will receive a start-up capital.

Interns of 2018 will also follow up with teams that participated in the 2017 business competition and complete monitoring and evaluation of last year’s training workshops.


Video Documentary


Interns for the new Video Documentary Project will be given an open mandate to use video to share stories from Gulu in a creative and informative way. Interns will film short documentaries that present various issues that affect youth in Gulu.

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