CEED's office is open Monday to Friday from noon to 5 pm September 25th to October 6th for voluntary opt-outs.  If you would like a refund from the CEED fee levy (35 cents / credit) for the Fall 2017 please come by our office with your student ID and proof of payment for all Fall 2017 fees.

If you can't make it by in the afternoon hours, please email info@ceedconcordia.org to set an appointment for another time, or find us at tabling:

Wednesday September 27th from 11 - 3 pm on the 7th floor of Hall building  or Tuesday October 3rd at the Loyola Hive from 10-1pm.


The Concordia Community of Fee levy groups will be doing opt-outs this week, so please click to go to our website and learn the days and times you can opt-out at other offices if you so desire.