In July 2017, the interns of the Youth Entrepreneurship Project (YEP), will be launching an entrepreneurship competition in Gulu, the first of it’s kind for CEED.

 In response to the rates of underemployment amongst youth in Northern Uganda, YEP was designed to empower ambitious entrepreneurs within the Gulu community. This year’s YEP team is comprised of three Ugandan interns and three Concordia interns. From July 3rd to July 7th, the YEP interns will be organising four days of FREE youth entrepreneurship workshops to select groups of inspiring young entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea.

Youth groups will be selected for a chance to compete in a rigorous competition for start-up capital. The selected groups will attend the workshops, which will focus on various business topics.  The training will help formalize their business pitch, which they will later present to external judges. The teams with the best pitches will be awarded a grant on behalf of CEED and will be considered as YEP beneficiaries for a year. Being a YEP beneficiary includes: being supported through year-round workshops, exchange visits, linkages, and technical backstopping during the course of their ventures.

With the primary focus being youth empowerment, CEED’s YEP interns strive to empower and foster young entrepreneurs within the Gulu community.