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Stay Involved!

CEED Alumni

OK, so you've recently returned from a life-changing experience with CEED in Uganda. What next?

There are a number of ways you can stay connected to the people and the place that make the CEED program truly special. Whether you are looking to help CEED Concordia with its events, recruitment, or intern preparation in Montreal, or if you want to volunteer with a really neat organization that works in Uganda, or you simply wish to connect with like-minded people, this is definitely the section for you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please wite us at info@ceedconcordia.org and we'd be happy to sit down with you at your convenience.

Volunteer in Montreal

Recruitment - Each year between September and November, CEED Concordia engages in a number of activities to help promote the program in order to attract applicants. These activities typically involve speaking in classrooms, tabling at events around campus, or organizing information meetings. We are always looking to our alumni for help during this busy time.

Events - During the winter semester, CEED Concordia organizes an annual event at Concordia. Its purpose is to engage the Concordia community and sensitize the public on issues relating to Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa, experiential education, and community empowerment. Alumni can help organize the event and/or volunteer on the day of.

Office help - CEED Concordia's office in Montreal is located right in the heart of Concordia University's downtown campus where so many other fee-levy organizations reside. Our staff can always use an extra hand with office tasks, so if you are looking to get your foot in the door and experience life in the non-proft sector, give us a shout!

Become a Mentor

One of the most rewarding ways you can get involved after you return from your Ugandan experience is by becoming a mentor for new interns. Our interns face a steep learning curve, confronted with cultural, social, health, and project-related stresses and have a short time to prepare for them. Having completed the journey, your experience can make their transition a positive one by offering advice on how to mitigate the difficulties and maximize rewards of living and working in Gulu.

CEED Concordia organizes formal pre-departure activities that you can take part in and will send out invitations for our alumni to attend. Alternatively, you can take part in our one-on-one mentorship program when you can be paired with a new intern working in a similar project as you had. You will be able to communicate with your mentee through email and in person at your convenience.

If any of these pique your interest, drop by our office or send us an email, we would love to hear from you!

Connect with CEED

   Stay connected through the CEED Alumni Facebook group. This space is for former international CEED interns and volunteers to stay in touch and renew old connections. The group will be used to share ideas, stay up to date on projects in Gulu and Montreal, help organize events, and to essentially stay connected and keep the spirit of Gulu alive!

Sign up for the CEED Alumni newsletter and keep your finger on the pulse of the organization. The newsletter features up-to-date information on everything Gulu, highlights the Ugandan office's amazing work, and features notable national and international CEED alumni.