What Our Interns Say

" My experience in the Woman Solidarity Project was very positive, as I witnessed the persistence and resilience of the entrepreneurs that took part in the program. My team was challenged to do extensive research on the gender gap in entrepreneurship in Québec and display our findings in a meaningful and comprehensive Policy Brief, sent to the government entities. Finally, I felt very connected with CEED’s values and mission and this led me to apply for a role in the Finance committee in the Board of Directors. I am very excited to pursue my journey with CEED! "
Silva Ramirez
Women’s Solidarity Project 2021
" This internship was a great experience to learn more about Uganda's history and its political, social and geographical situation. It also helped us understand more the people we were working with. I would say it changed me positively and made me really consider how I can be more sustainable in my career and how I can lend my expertise towards encouraging diversity in spaces such as online and change in people's perspectives and social situations. I could really see that the girls we were teaching had an increased interest in ICT. They were exposed to many intro level skills and, since the computers are available on the compound, they have the opportunity to practice what they learned, which is amazing! I am very grateful for the opportunity. It changed my perspective of my abilities given my field of study and showed me I have a lot to share with the world."
Sovra Bunting
Technology Education Project 2021
"This experience was very valuable to me! I loved to see the social impact that my team's contribution made with the students.I saw that the students lit up when they started understanding. I hope that we were able to give them a little source of inspiration to continue with this path. I am definitely sure that I want to keep working with organizations that have a social mission at heart. "
Simarjit Bilkhu
Technology Education Project 2021
"This internship allowed me to learn about an entirely new culture by meeting and making friends with others in a new country, as well as helping teach others and improving computer literacy. I loved learning about new cultures, and meeting new people from around the world. Having it entirely virtual is something that is not ideal but it was out of anyone's control, but having it virtual does have its advantages as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to get out of their comfort zone! !"
Bradley Black
Technology Education Project 2021
"During this internship, one skill that proved very useful is cross cultural communication. I learnt how to create and share meaning among people from different cultural backgrounds using a variety of means. This skill was developed through the two months of interaction with students from Gulu and Team-work collaboration with Canadian interns. I had a great learning experience and an amazing time e-meeting the interns and students. Thank you CEED!"
Matovu Moses
Technology Education Project 2021
"I greatly appreciated the efforts that the coordinators put into this, they were always there when we needed them, always guided us and made this such a beautiful experience. I also appreciated the fact that I got to work with interns from different disciplines and being able to combine our shared knowledge into making this as beneficial to the students as possible. Finally, I am glad to get to know and understand the Ugandan culture more and the beautiful Ugandan interns that we worked with! Overall, I am very thankful for this eye opening experience and will definitely carry on the knowledge I gained from this internship and try to join more volunteering/community development internships."
Hind Jaara
Technology education project 2021
"My internship with CEED allowed me to improve as a videographer while also having a hand in all other aspects of film production, from start to finish."
Felix Bonnevie
Video Documentary Project 2020
"I learned many things during my internship with CEED but the biggest takeaway was working in a non hierarchical framework. I am grateful to have worked on a video documentary because I believe they are so impactful to create accurate representation of marginalized people and communities. "
Adam Mbowe
Video Documentary Project 2020
" The greatest lesson I learned during this internship was the discovery of the plurality of black communities with diverse origins present in Montreal, and, what struck me the most was the meeting of unique and magnificent individuals; to name a few, Stefan Verna, Mushagalusa Chigoho and Chivengi. For me, films are an effective tool for creating sympathy for what is represented in them; documentaries make us care about the lives and work of real individuals, in short, they open a door that leads to love for culture. I am glad I got to work on this project. "
Xavier Hovington Dupuis
Video Documentary Project 2020
"This internship was instrumental at helping me harness my creativity and precision in an impactful way. In my opinion, documentaries can provide a platform for the marginalized to be recognized and heard by a larger audience. The more people who pay attention, the greater the chance that we forge an understanding of our differences and deconstruct belligerent notions in our society. "
Sage Stewart-La Bonté
Video Documentary Project 2020
"I've learned a lot, since my team had people from different backgrounds, my cross-cultural learning has gone even beyond learning how to work with Canadians. I'm also doing social work and social administration, and one of my course units was community based strategies so the work I've done was right in line with my course content. I've learned the best approach to get information from people in the community while managing expectations, in case I will do this kind of work again."
Agatha Christie Akello
Youth Advocacy and Communications Project 2018
"Thanks to the Environmental Sustainability project, I was able to develop essential skills of workshop creation, facilitation and leadership. Participating in such a project is an enriching cross-cultural experience, which allowed me to have hands-on experience in my field. Furthermore, having recurrent workshops with the same students was beneficial as we were able to develop close connections with them, as well as develop the in-depth curriculum based on their interest. Finally, I gained more practical experience on composting by having a compost system directly on the compound, as well as teaching the students at Negri College and Graceland. I feel so grateful to have had a positive contribution to climate change mitigation through tree planting and reducing waste burning in Gulu. "
Samita Mandjee
Environmental Sustainability project 2018