The aim of this project is to put in place a cost-effective, decentralized e-learning platform that will give female teachers in Uganda the opportunity to continue their education and upgrade their qualifications. This innovative project aims to solve many of the barriers that prevent female teachers from getting their educational accreditation by designing study material that can be delivered digitally, which the teachers can review and learn from at their own pace, without the need for high speed internet access at home. Ultimately, this project will advance gender equality in education in Uganda. The project is supported by the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) and done in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication, Action for Development, and Kabale University based in Kabale, Uganda.



Knowledge Sharing Event

A one day Knowledge Sharing Event and Workshop, in partnership with Kabale University, Action For Development, and Canadian Insitute of Mass Communication, that discussed the impact of the project “Blended Learning Solutions to Advance Gender Equality in Education in Uganda”. The workshop included a panel discussion among representatives of partner organizations and the Government Of Uganda.

Our impact & achievement