Natural Resources Stewardship Programme

The aim of this project was to transform behaviors and attitudes towards plastic and organic waste management through public engagement. Specifically, the project aimed to promote and improve sustainable solid waste and water resources management in Gulu by informing citizens about best practices in waste management, water conservation and general natural resources management solutions.

The project also emphasized the importance of wetland and urban forest conservation. This project, GIZ Natural Resources Stewardship Programme, was part of a global initiative by GIZ that enables private-public-civil society partnerships to help sustainably manage natural resources that locals need for improved livelihoods and continued economic development. Thanks to partners GIZ and  GICM, the project reached its goal of promoting sustainable action through the inclusive and holistic participation of Gulu residents and youth groups. 


Sustainable Development Goals

This project responds to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Our impact & achievement


Jobs were created and safeguarded


Investments safeguarded


Waste handlers have been trained in Gulu


 Participants for community clean Up