CEED Concordia’s internships prioritize experiential learning for students mainly in Montreal and Uganda. Our internships allow young people to gain firsthand experience in the international development sector and build valuable work skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving know-how, while working in a cross-cultural setting. We also aim to give students opportunities to grow and make lifelong friendships. The projects our interns work on are mostly linked to environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, advocacy, technology and media. Through these initiatives we are working to shape better communities and future leaders for a better tomorrow. CEED believes in community leadership and adapting to the needs of the community, rather than applying blanket solutions. As such, the way we approach our projects differs in every location. However, our commitment to respect, teamwork and cross cultural exchange remains the same in every project. Students have the possibility of getting school credits for internship participation subject to certain conditions. Email for more information.

Please find the internship offers we are currently recruiting for below.

Media & Environment Internship

 Media & Environment Internship – Canada

Application Form for Canada

Media & Environment Internship – Uganda

Media & Environment Internship – Uganda 

Application Form for Uganda