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As an organization that is rooted in a higher-learning institution, CEED strives to offer students accredited experiential learning opportunities both at home and abroad.

Local opportunities include the class; Orientation to International Community Engagement, offered through LOYC 398/MANA 499/DART 398. Internationally, interns can now obtain credit for their project work in Uganda through LOYC 420’s Integrative Project class.

In addition, CEED offers research and independent project opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty. Many students in the past have approached our organization with their own project ideas, and we have worked in collaboration with them to further develop and facilitate these projects in Gulu. To learn more about these different classes and opportunities, please read below.

Orientation to International Community Engagement (LOYC 398/MANA 499/DART 398) is an inter-disciplinary, inter-faculty course offered collaboratively through Arts & Sciences, the John Molson School of Business, and Fine Arts.

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The course encourages critical discussion on topics related to cross-cultural engagement, international development, volunteerism, and collective action. More specifically, different themes related to community engagement and development, such as sustainability, entrepreneurship, politics, and the role of NGOs, are explored through guest lecturers, skill-based workshops, group work, and mini field trips.

The course is offered every winter semester, where each year it is led by one of the three different host faculties; in 2019 it will be hosted by the John Molson School of Business with Ray B as the professor.

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