Communications Intern

Amrita first got involved with CEED as an intern during the summer of 2016, where she worked on the Radio and Communications project. Passionate about documentary filmmaking, photography, music and cultural exchange, Amrita hopes to continue embarking on creative projects alongside locals that advocate youth empowerment, gender equality and development in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Amrita is currently in her final year of her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at Concordia University. Amrita dreams to become a visual journalist and documentarist to continue sharing the stories and voices of people around the world. Her experience with CEED helped her realize that continuing a path in documentary journalism is not only a passion, but a meaningful and sustainable means for development and empowerment.

Amrita currently works as CEED Concordia’s office intern, where she will be assisting with the fundraising and media projects of CEED Concordia. As for the next step, who knows what lies ahead for this little dreamer!