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To learn more about what our organization does, browse our current projects. Summer 2017's internship program features 5 main projects, including the Youth Entrepreneurship Project, the Youth Advocacy and Communications Project, the Environmental Sustainability Project, the Technology, Education and Information Sharing Project, and the The Community Events Planning Project.

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Awards and Recognition


Board of Directors (Uganda)

Voting Members:

- Muzaaya Godfried – Chair
- Philippa Mbonye – Deputy Chair
- Eshban Kwesiga – Director
- Peter Odoch – Director
- Anne Kipwola – Director

Non-Voting Members:

Joshua Byabashaija – Secretary & Legal Council

Board of Directors (Canada)

Voting Members:

- Vinay Nawani – Treasurer
- David Li – Community
- Michelle Savard – Community
- Darina Blaszczyk – Community
- Emilie Salvie – Community
- Tomas Cordoba – CASA
- Bianca Bruzesse – ASFA
- Travis Sanderson – Student at Large

Non-Voting Members:

- Chelsea Lewis – Chair
- Angela Hatto – Secretary

Meet our


We have highly qualified team
with very positive attitude.

Thomas Prince
Executive Director

Labeja Julius Acire
Executive Director

Sonia Michaelsen
Internship Coordinator

Bernard Loum
Program Officer

Anne-Sophie Grenier
Communications and Events Coordinator

Amrita Kalsi
Communications Intern

Bidong Sunday
Internship Coordinator

Simon Lamex Ocaka

Charles Onen

Bidong Sunday
Internship Coordinator

Eunice Akello
Office Attendant

Fee Levy

CEED Concordia is a fee-levy organization supported by the Concordia University undergraduate student body. Undergraduate students contribute $0.35 / per credit to CEED. This support from the thousands of undergraduate students at Concordia allows us to minimize costs to participate in our student internship projects in Uganda and also to finance our sustainable community empowerment, education and development projects.

As a fee-levy organization CEED is active in the fee-levy community at Concordia, coordinating with other fee-levy organizations and working to ensure that as a community we are accessible, accountable and inclusive of all students at Concordia University. To learn more about fee-levy groups at Concordia please visit http://concordiacommunity.org/

Each semester students who wish to be reimbursed their contribution to our organization are invited to visit our office to request a refund. Students must provide proof of payment of fees for the semester before they can request to opt-out and be reimbursed.

For the Fall 2018 semesters the Opt-Out period is September 18th- Oct 1st 2018. Please come to our office Monday, Weds and Friday 12-3, Tues and Thurs 12-4 to Opt-Out. If you are unable to come in person during the Opt-Out dates please send an email to director@ceedconcordia.org to set an alternate time for you to come by the office. We apologize that our office is not accessible by wheelchair as we are on the 2nd floor. If accessibility or mobility is a concern, please let us know and we will arrange an alternate, accessible location for you to opt-out.

As an organization CEED appreciates the support of Concordia's undergraduate students, the support of the CSU and all student members associations and the Administration and Faculty of Concordia University.

CEED is a not for profit organization committed to transparency and financial accountability (NEQ 1163519540). To see excerpts from our 2016 financial audit please click here . For previous financial years please email director@ceedconcordia.org to request past audits.

Keep up to speed with our activities and financial reporting here.



Interested to contirbute your skills and passions to our projects in Gulu or Montreal? You probably have a million questions. You can reach out to our internship coordinator anytime with your specific questions, or come out to one of our pre-departure information sessions during the Fall semester to get all the answers you need. Here are a couple questions we get asked time and again:

Program: What is Gulu like?
Gulu is the largest city in northern Uganda, but it has a small-town feel in many ways. The people are very friendly, and don't be surprised to get an invitation home for supper the first time you meet someone. Agriculture is the biggest industry in northern Uganda, but Gulu's hospitality and commerce sectors are rapidly growing. There's a million photocopy shops in town, so don't worry about bringing your own from home. Much like Canada, pretty much all young people have a smart phone of some sort, and spend hours online. While English is one of the two official languages of Uganda, you may meet elderly people or young children who speak only Luo and other African languages.
Program: What does a typical work day look like at CEED?
For our CEED interns, the workday starts with breakfast at 8 am. Then from 8:30-around 1pm you will be working with your teammates on your specific project. That might mean some days going to schools to meet with students or teachers, doing a workshop with youth or planning that workshop coming up in a few weeks. 1-2pm (approx) is lunchtime. Lunch is often the biggest meal of the day in Uganda so bring your appetite. Then from 2-5 interns are back at work, and sometimes you may have to work into the evenings or a weekend afternoon. The 11 weeks in Gulu goes fast, so every day and every week you and your team are on to the next step in the process or winding down and handing it back over the office in Uganda until the next round of interns arrive.
Program: How do I communicate to friends and family while in Uganda?
Our CEED facility has wifi so communicating with loved ones back home while you are in Gulu is easy. Skype, WhatsApp and other apps make it easy and affordable to stay in touch.
Program: What if I can't go to Uganda? Can I still get involved?
Absolutely. Beyond our internship program in Uganda, we regularly organize events in Montreal, and are always looking for people interested to join us. Check out the Volunteer in Montreal section to learn more and don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

Reports and Audits

Interested to learn more about the impacts of CEED's programs and where our student fee-levy goes?

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