Few words
about us

Our approach

CEED believes in community leadership and adapting to the needs of the community, rather than applying blanket solutions. As such, the way we approach our youth development programs in Gulu will differ from our approach at Concordia. In Gulu, we develop in-house projects that currently fall under the following categories; entrepreneurship, communications, technology education, sustainability, and community events.

Our internships emphasize social, community, and personal development through experiential learning and cultural and skills exchange. At Concordia, our organization benefits the student body through meaningful skills-based internships, public events, academic courses, research opportunities, and employment opportunities.

Our Philosophy Statements

We are youth working with youth for youth;
We believe in community-led development;
We develop programs and strategic partnerships to support youth in our communities;
We offer learning opportunities for youth in community development, project planning, cross-cultural engagement, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.