Lamex first joined CEED in May 2012 as a Ugandan Volunteer and was later recruited as a Security Officer that same year in November. He continued to work with CEED up until September 2013 when he decided to join Sports Outreach Ministry as an Administrator. However, he returned to CEED in March 2014 and is now an acting Head of Security.

Lamex holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Gulu University and a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation. He also attended trainings on research methodologies and has done research with different international organizations. In addition, Lamex participated in a one month Cadre course—a government program aimed at imparting basic military drills to the citizens of Uganda.

Through CEED, Lamex was trained by one of the international volunteers in video production and media equipment maintenance. Since then, he volunteers as a media equipment supervisor and has been working on documentary projects for CEED, such as the TASO Drama Group movie in 2013. In his spare time, Lamex likes watching action movies, playing soccer and volleyball, and touring.

In his free time, Sunday enjoys watching football, doing laundry, and playing soccer.