Executive Director

Having been involved with the organization since 2009, few people have had such a close and lasting relationship with CEED and with Gulu : “When I first volunteered with CVAP in 2009, I never expected how I would fall in love with Gulu, or how the organization would play such a formative role in my life.”

After his first trip to Gulu, Thomas stayed on with the organization as the Administrative Assistant in 2010, and as the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator in 2010-2011. He returned to Gulu several times to conduct research for his Master’s in Anthropology, which he obtained from Concordia University in 2014.

Thomas lived in Gulu for several years where he worked as the Program Director of The Grassroots Reconciliation Group. This Ugandan NGO works in rural communities affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflict. He is also the cofounder and former Executive Director of Beads of Awareness - a small social business in Canada that supports women in Gulu who make jewelry from recycled paper to earn additional income.

Thomas has shown unwavering commitment to community development both in Canada and Uganda. He has extensive experience in NGO work and has a proven track record for leading successful projects and teams.