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International Internships

Program Description

Through our internship program, interns from Concordia University travel to Gulu, northern Uganda, for 3 months during the summer semester. In Gulu, they work alongside Ugandan interns on various community projects that are developed and led by our Ugandan office. Current projects focus on entrepreneurship, communications, research, childhood education, and sustainability. Our internships emphasize social, community, and personal development through experiential learning and cultural and skills exchange.

CEED's internship projects strive to be responsive to community needs and put youth at the forefront as leaders and change makers. In all of our projects, it is important that interns interact with young people and other key stakeholders to understand the complex challenges our projects confront.  Problem solving, flexbility, team work, and creativity are key ingredients to making any project successful.

CEED accepts applications from both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, from Concordia University. Students from a variety of academic backgrounds are welcome to apply, as CEED encourages diversity of knowledge, skills, and experience. Approximately 15 interns from Concordia are recruited each year and are then placed with Ugandan interns to form teams of up to 6 people. Each team is assigned to 1 project for the duration of the program. For more information about our different projects, please see below the proposed internships for 2018.  Please be aware, some projects may be altered or cancelled if CEED fails to secure any necessary partnerships in Uganda required to implement the project, CEED is unable to recruit sufficient interns and the required skills, or for other reasons.  Applicants are therefore encouraged to apply into 2 or more projects, and maybe asked to transfer to a different project if their internship applied for is cancelled.  All of CEED's different projects offer opportunities to use and further develop a wide variety of technical and soft skills, and many passions and skills can be easily transferred and shared within and between the teams.



Before leaving for Uganda, interns are required to register for (or attend certain lectures from) the class; Orientation to International Community Engagement, offered through LOYC 398/MANA 499/DART 398. The class is meant to explore and encourage critical discussion on topics related to cross-cultural engagement, international development, volunteerism, and collective action. Interns are also required to attend four pre-departure sessions, which is meant to more specifically educate them on the history and culture of Uganda and what is expected of them throughout their internship.

Living in Gulu

During their time in Uganda, interns stay at CEED’s very own compound in Gulu. The compound was designed and constructed by a team of designers and engineers from both Canada and Uganda, as a symbolic representation of our commitment and partnership with the Gulu community. Our facilities are a short walk from the town centre and include 24 hour security, solar panels, electricity, running water, and Wi-Fi. During their stay, interns are also provided with 3 meals a day on work days. We are also in the process of developing a rain water harvesting system. 


  • Program:  Youth Entrepreneurship Project

    The Youth Entrepreneur Project focuses on nurturing young entrepreneurs to combat poverty and create employments for youth. Interns will be responsible for organizing and facilitating various workshops related to business and entrepreneurship, as well as organizing a business competition where youth groups with business ideas can submit their proposals and potentially win a grant from CEED to kick-start their ventures. Read more...
  • Program:  Youth Advocacy and Communications Project

    The Youth Advocacy & Communications Project offers a platform for young people to share their experiences, talk about issues that affect them and inspire and motivate youth as positive change agents in their communities. Interns will be tasked with organizing a monthly radio talk show that is youth-focused, as well as producing mini-documentaries that complement each show. They will also assist in managing CEED’s Radio Show Facebook page, by posting relevant articles, stories, videos, etc that relate to and expand upon topics covered in the radio show. Read more...
  • Program:  Environmental Sustainability Project

    As an organization, CEED continuously strives to be as environmentally conscientious and sustainable as possible. CEED works year round in Gulu to raise awareness about climate action and how young people can play an active role. CEED's main activities are reforestation and waste management. Read more...
  • Program:  Design for Social Engagement and Education

    Uganda's youth population is one of the fastest growing in the world. The Design for Social Engagement and Education project works with all the different project teams to give guidance and support on designing educational resources and other materials, such as event posters or application call-outs, for a wide variety of outreach activities. Online, the team will provide support to CEED and other organization partners to improve online communication and the opportunities to use social media and other technologies to empower youth. As a new project, CEED management will offer the interns a lot of opportunity for creativity and to employ their skill-set on a number of different activities. Read more...
  • Program:  Video Documentary

    This project team will divide their time between activities within CEED (doing filming in the field of different projects and activities) and a variety of trainings to youth in Gulu. Read more...
  • Program:  Social Enterprise and Innovation

    How do non-profits or community projects generate cash flow to become sustainable and self-reliant? The social enterprise and innovation team will research successful projects on the ground and create education materials to help CEED and other organizations implement cost neutral or income generating activities to empower and educate youth. Read more...
  • Program:  Independent Projects (conditional on approval and availability)

    In select cases, CEED can allow students to engage in independent research or other projects. Like all our project teams, independent projects are cross-cultural in design and execution, so Concordia students with an idea should submit their project proposal and skill-set early to our office so the Ugandan office can review and contribute. Read more...

Our Gallery

For over 10 years, CEED has been bringing interns from Concordia University to Gulu, Uganda. To see our past interns, the work they've done, and what life in Gulu is like, browse the gallery below.

How to apply in 3 simple steps

Online application form

Firstly, you must complete our application form and to attach the required documents.

$25 Application Fee

The $25 Application Fee is non-refundable and can be paid online or by cheque or by cash at our Concordia office.


After reading your documents, we will invite you to talk about your motivations.

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